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Tenders No. Id-336894
Remarks Start Date - 06/12/2018 End Date - 13/12/2018
Description R P Fine 16%-500 MT DORB-4000 MT Maize-1000 MT Gaur Meal (55%)-500 MT Gaur Chuni-500 MT

Tender Name SD:NDPI:NCB:01/2018
Tenders No. SD:NDPI:NCB:01/2018
Remarks Procurement of 104 units of Bulk Milk Coolers (10 Kl-24 unit , 5 Kl-73 unit, 3 Kl-07 unit) under VBMPS III project NDP I
Description NATIONAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING (NCB) Invitation for Bids for BMCUs Project ID: P 107648 IFB No.: SD:NDPI:NCB:01/2018 Sabar Dairy An EIA of NDP I VBMPS project invites eligible suppliers to submit their bids for supply of BMCUs as specified in the bid document

Tender Name Imported Coal
Tenders No. ID No:335613
Remarks SDCMPUL reserves the right to reject any or all of the bid received at its discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Description Supply of Imported Coal Purchase at Sabar Dairy